Anyone with Marlin dualcase on FJ60 Need some info,

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Mar 19, 2019
Southern California
Currently wiith 87 FJ60 h42 4speed tranny, But can't fine marlin's crawler kit.
except AA's 4 to1 lower gear kit. Thinking of installing r151f tranny with dualcase+ 4,7:1 split transfercase.
Are they making 2F bell hounig to r151f tranny?
I don't think people are putting R series transmissions behind F engines because the H series is available & a better fit for the application.
I know you didn't ask for it, but you can get lower gears for the land cruiser splitcase.
Not exactly what you asked, but I have a Marlin Toybox & if did it again I’d install lower TC gears. The Toybox was a *lot* of work.
one of their employees built a 60 a few years ago and did the setup you describe, R150f, Toybox, splitcase, but the engine/transmission interface was one-off.

R1510 conversion starts at post 775, the whole thread is awesome and full of good info and ideas though. You don't see 60's getting built like this much anymore

I forgot about the R series behind the 1FZ and the 70 series diesels. Freds40 build is a game changer! Thanks for sharing that thread @cruisermatt

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