anyone with a 3in HFS lift? (or any 3in lift?)

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Apr 28, 2009
Austin, Texas
my new 62 -- a saggin' wagon, indeed -- came with a 3in HFS lift not installed by the previous owner. this is a stupid question, but i need to make sure that when i put on the lift, i can still get into my parking garage at work.

is there anyone out there with a 3in HFS lift? -- or are all 3in lifts basically the same? anywho, i have 31in BFG A/Ts on there, so if anyone can tell me what their fender height is with a 3in lift, i'll be able to get a rough idea for the overall height.

i'd greatly appreciate it.

I had 33's and a short 7 foot door and could clear. I had issues with the arm on the door opener with my rack but cut it back.
My 62 springs were totally flat and I recently installed an OME 2.5 inch lift. The actual net gain was closer to 5" of lift from the sagged out suspension, but with my big wilderness roof rack I'm barely above 7'.
i had the ome with extended shackles from 4plus, give lance or cam a call over at the iron pig. they'll get you what you need. and it fits in the garage just fine.
what is the height for your garage at work?

i have a OME lift and 33's and can go in any garage.

i'd say that it's 6-6/6-7. thankfully, i have no roof rack. do you think shorter shackles would make a difference? the ones it came with are about 6ish inches long. (i think that's what they are. they're outside, and the alarm is already on, and i'm too lazy to go out there.)
Most garage doors are a standard height. 7 foot being the older common height with 8 being the new height. Some real old house had shorter.
i think i'm going to be good. our parking garage at work is about 6'6" with the low-hanging "do not enter" signs, but one of the guys at cool cruisers stood next to a 3in HFS lifted FJ62 and said that its total height was 6'/6'1". i think i'm going to be fine.
I also thinks you"ll be fine, just go slow on the first try.

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