Anyone with 4.88's(precision gears)have fitment issues w/ring gear too thick

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Feb 2, 2004
Hayward, Ca.
Anyone with 4.88's(precision gears)have fitment issues w/ring gear too thick for the 3rd member housing of a 80 Series land cruiser (9 1/2 differential) or was I just sent the wrong parts? I know the lower the gears you go the thicker the ring gear gets, but I have seen a lot of members here have the same gears........... Or is there grinding of the 3rd member housing needed? I spoke with the the technical advisor from Precision Gears and he said that there are no different thicknesses for the ring gear of the Toyota 9 1/2 differential...I hope it is not my dumb ass mechanic doing somehting wrong :mad: ......So fustrating...... Any input???
I am going to get the techincal advisor from Precision Gears to talk to my mechanic, see what happends
What is the exact fitment issue? Are the gears going into a factory lock diff? If it's a factory locker the carrier will need to be re-shimmed. There are 23 shim thicknesses from the factory.
Cdan, the mechanic only told me that the ring gear itself would rub if installed..The ring gear is too thick for the 3rd member he installing it wrong.....I bought the install kit form precision gears....
Are you having ARBs installed at the same time by any chance? I installed a set of 4.56 precision gears w/o any issues what so ever.

Is your whole truck at your mechanic?
The reason I say this is that you just took your diffs there, you could always get them back from him and take them to Sean at River City Differentials.

(916) 852-7109

3459 Sunrise Blvd #3
Rancho Cordova CA

There's a reason why they call him "Gearman". Sean knows what he's doing. He has regeared many 80 series.


sounds familiar

yeah, 4wheelparts sent me the wrong bearing for the rear? in my 4.88 PG kit. I had them reimburse me and had to buy one from the Toyota dealer that fit cause they couldn't get their s*** right. Can't remember what else they had wrong, maybe a shim or crush sleve too. That is a bunch of Bull..ish if you ask me. they should be able to get it right...ya know!

At least give Sean a call. He'll know what's going on.

I second Alvaro's advice. Something is not right. We run PG 4.88s with no issues at all. You either have the wrong parts, or a bad install.

Sean "the gearman" is the guy to call. You should have had him do the install. Who is doing it anyway? Are they a Toyota shop? If it's 4wheelparts, then get your stuff and run away.
Thank you all for your inputs!!!! I knew I can count on you guys!!! I called up Sean right now and he told me that when you use really low gears (4.88's) you do indeed have to give the 3rd member a slight grind..You have to grind where the top protion of the teeth from the ring gear fit into the 3rd member housing....My mechanic thought the ring and pinion kits I provided him(precision gears 4.88's) were a direct bolt on and would fit in there no problem......That's why he was alarmed..and thought they were the wrong parts......I then called Sean and he told me that there is some very slight grinding to be done....So he confirmed the grinding.....Thank you all once again for the load of my head........:beer:

Gee, that's nice.:rolleyes:
cruiserdan said:

Gee, that's nice.:rolleyes:
Not the ring gear or pinion, but the 3rd member housing.........
Grind where exactly?
ok let come up with a pic.................................
give me a couple of mins.....
here is a pic......not that great but hopefully you guys get the idea.............


Be sure to check the axle housing too then, in case you need to nip it as well.
Cool, I'm glad to hear it's working out


Bert, is that an ARB on their? Thought you had factory diff locks.
Vic, that picture is not mine(came out of first toy's website)...I just used the pic for reference ;) ....I do have the fact. lockers........
cc93cruiser said:
Vic, that picture is not mine(came out of first toy's website)...I just used the pic for reference ;) ....I do have the fact. lockers........

oh!!! That makes sense then.

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