anyone willing to do a 1hdt swap into a 3FE 80 in vancouver for $?

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Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
does anyone know anyone in Vancouver, BC (or nearby) who is set up to do a 1hdt swap into a 91 gas north american 80 series? I know a couple have been done but not sure if anyone is offering to do it for money?

you can pm me if you prefer.
Ciaran Wilson has done a few swaps, and he does great work. His company is called Cruiserland...and he was in Cruiser Days 2005 with a LHD 60 series (13B-T, HJ61 body). Not sure what something like that would cost though.

I'm assuming that you are doing the swap on your '93 FZJ80?

...Oh yeah, Ciaran is in Langley.
nope, I am doing the h/g on mine shortly. tghis is my friend's 91 3FE 80 that used to be my brother's truck. do you have a phone contact for ciaran?
ah, is that the guy at granville toyota?? he did the valve adjustment on the 91 and has worked on my truck! thanks stone :cheers:
semlin...did you ever find out the info about the 1hd??
Sheldon (G&S Cruisers) is doing one himself and may be doing conversions in the future, you would have to ask him.

I.. like Sheldon would not attempt such a swap without a half cut, to many bits and pieces are missing when just getting a engine, tranny and transfercase.

so would someone expect to pay 8,000 - 10,000 to have an HDT put in a CDM landcruiser??
Radd Cruisers said:
I.. like Sheldon would not attempt such a swap without a half cut, to many bits and pieces are missing when just getting a engine, tranny and transfercase.Rob

A 1/2 cut certainly makes things MUCH simpler in the engine bay. If you are staying auto the wiring is a PITA and just about anyone who has spent the days it takes to research and link things togther is not simply giving it away.


what about radd cruisers? I think they are on the island but close enough and probably worth the trip for a quality job. I've personally never used them but have heard good things through this site.

1HD-T conversions cost (US) from several parties

$5,000-$10,000 for labor, with auto transmissions much closer to high end. parts and engine are all above this.

I have a solid 60 hours in my conversion (manual transmission, no glow system, and fitting OEM parts most of the way). And I tend to work fast when I am going at it.

.....and buying a 1/2 cut does not mean everything is perfect. Compression, radiator cook out, pump and valve adjustment, BEB, etc can all delay time.
dam..thats a ton of work....might just have to save my $$ and get a JDM from wayne.
i did talk to ciaran. he is game to do one but needs a donor truck and the cost is what it costs because he has not been there before. this really only makes sense if you can pick up a cheap low mileage but body thrashed hdj81 in japan as a donor. in the end you would have LHD and the possible ability to sell it in the us (although I don't know the drill for re-exporting).

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