Anyone weld the sunroof hole shut?

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I don’t hate The United States of America. I served this country for 20 years in the USAF. I know this country has many issues but I’ve seen many s***ty countries as well. We have it good we are just spoiled.
Thank you for your service. I won't apologize for the joke, but I am sorry you didn't see the humor. I was referencing Americans' love of luxury crap in our vehicles, like sunroofs.
You live in AK, you need every nanosecond you can get from Oct - April.
Hah, yes. Even in the southeast panhandle this is fairly true. 6 hours isn't much, but that's only around solstice in this area. Way different up north re: light/weather - it's a big-ass state.

Summer light makes up for it, though.
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You live in AK, you need every nanosecond you can get from Oct - April.
Some of the best water I had was from the side of the road up from that Silver gulch brewery. The darkness thing sucks and the sun never completely setting was the strangest thing I’ve seen. The coldest temps I’ve experienced was there too. I’ve been to Eielson and Elmendorf a few times. A friend of mine lived up there for a few years in North Pole would take me around.
I also like the idea of sealing that sucker off and stashing hand guns, element fire extinguishers, flashlights, and other cool gadgets up there.

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