Anyone want to trade their TRD wheels for my Tundra 18s"?

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Jan 3, 2012
Jackson, MS
I know its a long shot, but I am wanting to go from 18" wheels to 17" wheels for offroad purposes.

I have brand new 18" Tundra wheels (no scratches or anything) mounted with 295/65/R18 Goodyear Duratracs. The tires have approximately 15,000 miles, and are in very very good shape. They still have the whiskers on the sidewalls too. Not rips, tears, buldges, repairs, etc.

I would like to trade for your 17" TRDs mounted with a decent set of 33" tires. If you only have wheels and no tires, you can pay me the difference. If you have a set of brand new tires, I will pay you the difference.

Like I said, I know its a long shot, but I figured I would try to trade first before buying them outright, and selling later.

Here is a recent pic I took when I got them installed:
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I have brand new '13 18" 200 wheels sitting in my garage. 5 of them!
well, those wont do me much good!
MScruiser, those Tundra rims look so much better than the stock 200 rims. I missed on a set of 4 TRD RW's locally on Craigslist, less than a $100 a rim in like new condition.
Thanks man. I think they look better too.

That was a heck of a deal you missed out on!
Wouldn't you guys be nervous about putting on a used set of wheels unless they were new take offs? My thought is your putting them on a $80k rig and would be worried about something you can't see. Your talking $1500 for a new set which seems reasonable for the truck your putting them on. Going rate is $1000 for used with tires and I would pay $500 more for new. I would feel the same way about used shocks/lift. Just my 2 cents.
No issues here with used wheels.
To each their own. Keep the commerce wheel spinning.
Yeah, there is always a chance. I have had great luck in the past though (knock on wood). I am way more weary of buying used tires than wheels. I have bought both wheels and tires on CL before, and everything turned out great. Its always a gamble though. I'm picking up a set tomorrow morning. They are cheap too.

All that said....wish me luck!:hillbilly:

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