anyone want to do a day run...

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Mar 25, 2005
Central valley (Cali)
please read toyota peoples coming to hanford area want to play the weekend of jun 8th...any ideas,bald maybe?

below is what he wrote me....


We work as missionaries in Guatemala, I'm the shop teacher so I get to play on 'Cruisers, the '67 FJ45LV is our shop project. You can read about us on our website. Our travel intinerary is here Summer Travel Itinerary 2008 | Wirrell Family We'll be at Hanford First CRC on 2175 Leoni Dr. in the morning of the 8th giving a short talk of our work in Guatemala. I can confirm the times later. I have relatives in Hanford so we are there usually once a year or so. When I know better the exact day we'll be there we can meet at Superior Dairy, our favorite spot to cool down in town!

I'd be into some wheeling but I'm only in the area the weekend of June 8.

Yes I will do that. I will have major back surgery sometime after June 7th, but if it is actually scheduled for later than the 8th, I will go since I will not be able to wheel for 4 or 5 months after.
ah either way...what ever the majority is ...i just thought it would be nice to take some out of towners out to play?


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