Anyone want my pop-up trailer for free cause mice keep eating it.. (1 Viewer)

Apr 9, 2003
Libertyville, Il.
I have a smaller pop-up that i purchased a few years back for my boys to use. They used it a few times and now it is sitting. I opened it this summer and the mice ate holes in the screens in a bunch of spots. I glued sections of screen over holes not really caring what it looked like. Not my boys are not going to use it anymore and just RV with me.
Its has an electric small frig. Gas cooktop inside with two gas tanks up front. Battery box but no battery. inside has small table. couple small cabinets with mouse crap..

I want it gone asap. If you have interest and want to come by and drag the thing away, its free. But again, want it gone fast. I will bring it to the street and put a free sign on if nobody has interest.

No worries if no interest. Just thought i would check here first cause we all tend to like odd crap and don't mind projects.

Shoot me a pm or post here. I will check on and off.

Jan 13, 2007
In the garage.

Ready for the burning!

Just kidding, minor fixin up is all it needs.

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