Anyone using the taiwan/thailand non-led, stock looking tail light replacements?

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Sep 18, 2017
Both of my tail lights are destroyed. There are some sets for $75, cheapest I've seen a good set of used OEM is $150. Are the aftermarket ones garbage or do they hold up OK?

I understand the wisdom of LEDs however (maybe it's just me) most (all?) of the LED tail lights are aesthetically unacceptable. They also cost more than the OEM looking replacements but if it means they will last 20 years I'd consider them.
I ordered a Thailand rear lamp assembly via ebay when my usual OEM supplier was between locations last summer. It arrived quickly and fit well. It did not have the correct plug (no big deal as that need soldered up as it was destroyed like the lamp assembly was) and the little water trap thingies on the backside, but other than that it looks good. I'll try to avoid getting that deep in the water, I suppose, and I should be OK:rolleyes:

The price was definitely right, but if you want plug n' play, stick to OEM.
Been using LED's on both my 80s without issue.



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