Anyone using an Auburn gear lmt slip?

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FJOE said:
Wanted the opinion of guys with real world expirience on the subject of Auburn gear. I heard they work well off road but noisey and bind on pavement. I wonder about the longevity of this product also.

Got one in the rear axle, been there since 1995, and it still works.

BUT it worked better with 31-32"(?) BFG's, it no work so good with the 35" MTR's.
Had one in an S-10 Blazer a few years back. It never made any noise, seemed to work well untill I really needed it. If you get stuck real bad, (like in the middle of Kane Creek in the mud) and your engine or gears can't produce enough wheel spin it won't engage and is then useless. Just my opinion.
Had one in the front of my 40 for 4 years, no problems. The Detroit is better and cheaper. I put the detroit in the rear and an ARB in the front. Monster Traction!
I have one in the rear. I broke it trying to take some junipers out of my front yard :)

Besides that, for what I use the vehicle for, 95% road 5% off-road, it's a lot better than open. I can't even tell it is back there when driving on the road which was the biggest concern to me since my wife drives it sometimes. For the most part it engages when one tire slips but isn't as good as a locker.


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