Anyone used or seen the corbeau seat brackets for fj40's

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Dec 19, 2004
I have some prp seats and the dimensions are almost identical to the baja ss seat.
I do not have a welder or a shop to fab up custom brackets. :crybaby:
I have them for some Corbeau Targa RS's. I wish I would have gone with the baja's, but I thought I wanted reclining seats. The ones I got have the seat belt tab welded on, and they are adjustable with 3 height (by bolting on), but even at the lowest setting, the seat sits a little high on the pass side.
the prp brackets are like $20 each. why not just buy them instead of modifying the corbeau brackets. Give the guys at rock buggy supply a call, or PRP themselves. But are super helpful.
You putting them in an fj40? Should be an easy mod. You can even just take your frame over to a welder if need be and have them burn mounts onto the stock frames for the PRP brackets.


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