Anyone use this dana 60 on their 40

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Mar 6, 2007
Western Washington
I need a centered axle due to a v8 swsp and was wondering if anyone has used this axle for sale on ebay. Not looking to bash on any sellers.


That is cheap for a full housing. If someone wanted to stay Toyota with a centered housing and go wider a Tundra rear axle might be something to look at or depending on fab skills a centered land cruiser using mini truck tubes and shafts is doable. I would try to keep a dropout 3rd member but that's me. That cheap housing will add up with gears, bearings, axles, brakes, seals... and used 60 axles are cheap and everywhere.

I would be curious how they got the price down that low, Tube material, welding process, alignment of the tubes, quality of the center casting... Plus in the full width world 60 rears are kind of ho-hum especially semi-float rears. A dana 70 with a smooth bottom and full float outters would be good if stuck with dana, a 14 bolt is cheap (2-300 or free usually with a 60 front) and proven many times over.
@Lil'John his response is spot on.

You can source a rear 60 cheap or free if you look around. I bought one for 4$ from a scrap yard years ago and it's still in use under a cruiser.

If you look at Dodge stuff be aware of the possibility of the existence of dana 61. It's usable but you will spend more time and money making it work if you want to run lower than a 4.10
Another option you may consider is Isuzu Rodeo/Amigo rear axles. If I remember correctly Dave Gore from 4+ products** mentioned something about them recently in another thread about rear seats... He used the rear seat from an Amigo in a 40 and mentioned the centered diff rear axle... Might pm him @lcwizard and ask him for some more info... I remembered because my stepson currently has an amigo that he is tired of driving which had me thinking about the possibilities.

**(Edit: 4Plus Products- sorry Dave for the misspelling of your company name)
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I thought the Rodeo/Amigo/Honda Passport used a Dana 44 rear axle, which is considerably less stout.
I thought the Rodeo/Amigo/Honda Passport used a Dana 44 rear axle, which is considerably less stout.
That is my understanding that it has a Dana 44 which is/was commonly used in 1/2 ton applications. The Dana 44 is definitely less stout than the Dana 60 axle but may be strong enough for the OP's intended use... It has 6 on 5 1/2" bolt circle (same as Toyota) and the parking brake is already on the rear axle. It also has a centered differential and was available with 4.11 gears which match pre '79 cruisers.
The right answer is to get a ruff stuff or diamond axle housing for a 9.5" land cruiser center and mini truck axles/ brakes. That will give you a 55" or 58" wide axle, strong axle shafts, strong differential, plus a parking brake at the wheels. It's a win.
I thought the Rodeo/Amigo/Honda Passport used a Dana 44 rear axle, which is considerably less stout.

Dana 44's are as close to comparable to a fj40 axle as anything the US offers. The 44 is about 8 7/8 ring gear and the 40 is about 9. Both the 40
and most modern Dana 44 use 30 spline 1.3' axle. The Rodeo /trooper is just an easy swap because it's about the same width. the bonus is the disc brakes with internal drum e-brake like is found on the 80 series.
The 60 is a bigger center section and heavier tubes although 90% of the stock axles still share the 30 spline 1.3" shaft. The 35 splines were rare in stock applications although all the aftermarket builders like Dynatrac can set you up with the 35's. It may seem like a waste to run the same shaft in the 60 and 44 but the Ford, Chevy and Dodge factories weren't looking at the larger axles as a fix for rock crawlers. The larger ring gears and centers will carry more towing loads. Few people ever twist an axle pulling a horse trailer on the street but you can overheat a
gear set with too little cooling. The large center carries more oil, larger bearings and shear mass for better towing.
If you used a hundred series rear axle and cut long side to the short side length you would be pretty close. You would have to drill the axle flanges and Rotors for a six lug pattern. You would get 32 spline axle shafts, 29 spline pinion, disc brakes, and a parking brake with it. A 14 bolt off of Craigslist would be easy to find on Craigslist and could be cut down if u want to veer away from Toyota.
I use a dana 60, but it's ff 8 lug. My 2 cents is figure out the cost of fully outfitting that housing, then compare it to the dana 44 and the ff 80 axles... quite honestly, I'd never willingly put a non-full floater in anything that is at risk of breaking on the trail. With a FF, you break and you'll still get home - semi float, not quite so easily.

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