anyone use the cheap synthetic winch line?

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May 31, 2010
Sounds like a terrible idea...right? Cheap synthetic winch line sounds like a bad idea. Buy I am seeing some lines on places like amazon that are really cheap. I know the old saying "you get what you pay for". Buy the thing is some of these lines are dyneema which I think is the same as the more expensive lines. I THINK that dyneema SK75 is all copy righted stuff and only made by one particular manufacturer. So shouldn't these cheap lines be the same as the more expensive stuff?

This is really just food for thought. The cheapest I have found Amsteel blue line is $1.85 a foot. Then add another $20 for a quality thimble. I might be able to reuse my old hook. This is not much more than the cheap amazon stuff but it involves peicing together everything and then installing the thimble.

Mostly I just wanted to know of these cheap dyneema SK75 lines are a valid option for a easy plug and play setup.
Copyrighting doesn't guarantee against some chinese factory knocking the stuff off to a lower quality standard and shipping it over here until they get shut down (if ever)
U. S. Patent laws are not recognized/enforced in a lot of countries. It will take a lot more research to find out if these inexpensive products are good quality generic versions of name brand products. Just gotta figure out who/where the product is manufactured.
Fwiw, I bought a 12k lb Smittybilt winch with synthetic line, preloaded it when I first installed it, and got 5 pulls on it before the thimble ripped off the line and left me SOL. Found a thimble online, but it wasn't what I expected. Got the winch off Amazon so warranty claims for something like this are a pain. I need to get the proper thimble and get it going again. If I have anymore problems, I'll likely be replacing the whole line, and even consider going to a amsteel line. Firm believer in the "get what ya pay for" motto, and the winch itself works great. The line, a pita!
My general thought process on this, if I need to pull line, I'm in some sort of predicament where failed line is not what I want to deal with. From emergency to just random stuck. I wouldn't skimp here. For you, for anybody you are assisting, for .... you get the idea. Even at $1.85 the general recommendation is 100', so your already into a un-known line for $200 w/ hook. For not much more you can find a reputable line.
Thanks guys. Good discussion here. But one thing. The $1.85 a foot is legit amsteel blue from a legit marine supply. I had a recovery class instructor who is a true expert in the field say that he always gets his line from marine supply. He pulls on it every week of the year for the last 15 years. It does involve the extra work of installing the thimble and sourcing the quality parts. The instructor also had a background in commercial fishing in Alaska. That industry has been using the same synthetic lines for a long time. He was 100% confident in the name brand products from reputable marine supply.

It is only the cheaper Amazon type stuff that is the gamble. I never asked him about the cheaper stuff becouse I never looked at it until after the recovery class ended.
More than likely I will pick up 100 feet of amsteel blue from the marine supply. , thimble, hook and what not from viking or southeastern off road. Hopefully total around $250 or so. Not a huge savings but maybe around $100 less than an assembled Amsteel package. Plus installing the thimble should help me to learn how to make Field repairs. Just thinking outloud.
I use a no brand name 8mm line from these guys. Synthetic Rope - Value I didnt search them out the brand new line came to me through a deal I was involved in so I used it.:meh:

I have used it to the point where my WARN 8K has stalled on one wrap, then used it as tug strap in an ocean recovery surely exceeding the 8K rating. Before the 4wd police come looking for me I "know" it should never be used in that way but the tide is rising so you color with the crayons you have.

I would worry more about degrading over time in the sun/weather. My truck does not ever just sit in the sun but again the 110°+ of AZ sun destroys everything.
Amsteel is the real deal. I planned to use the same thing. You can also weave through itself and have same strength making eyes easy to make. You can also repair by weaving back thru itself.

You just need to keep it clean and watch for fraying.
well, at least one good thing is that the synth stuff won't whip much if it breaks. Not as bad as using inferior cable I guess.

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