Anyone use IRONMAN adjustable Caster bushings?

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Mar 28, 2010
Found these on the camel website:

Camel 4x4: Adjustable Offset Caster Bushes

Just wondering if anyone had any luck with them? They say that they are 3 way adjustable. stock-2.5-3.5*. Kinda scarry to know that your caster bushings are adjustable:eek:...

But has anyone ever given these a try? And do they really correct the caster by 3.5*? Are they pretty solid? any movement noticed from the postition that they set the bushings too?

I've heard alot of good things about Ironmans lift, so just wondering about this product that they sell.

I know that Slee Blue's correct by and actual 3*
When you press them in you line everything up. I believe land Tank's template for the blues puts them in the max position to get the most out the correction. Same thing with the Ironman's I would imagine. The adjustable part just comes into play because you can knock out the center and rotate the inner piece in 90* intevals. You can see the the offset of the hole in the picture on the site.

Only thing I would say is why need to be adjustable when most likely most will want that 3.5* off the get go based on most lifts people are running now days. just my .01.
Not sure why one might want adjustables, but Ironman does make quality stuff. 3.5* seems like they would be perfect for J springs. It's .5* more than the Slee ones. I myself will either get plates or drop brackets if I ever have the money for a lift.
Not to hijack, but i just got an Ironman Steering stabilizer and have about 1500 miles on it and it is a pretty nice stabilizer I must say.
Feels and looks stout.
Time will tell.

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