Anyone use harnesses for on road driving

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Jun 8, 2003
Anyone have an alternative to using harnesses for daily driving? I have harnesses that are attached to my cage. I'm looking for a seatbelt that works well for daily driving. My OEM lap belts in a 74' FJ40 are not even close to safe enough.

Anyone know of a company that sells really good lap and shoulder belt systems to use for daily driving? I already have four pt harnesses.

I asked this question in a previous post and I think it may have been a bit vague, so here goes with a clear question hopefully.

Thanks as always
I'm doing the same in a few months. For around $80 apiece, Courbeau sells 3 point retractable belts. Now you can feel safe and reach the bag of chips on the passenger floor. Now I just need some good seats to put them on. BTW, at what angle do the 2 rear points go down, and have you had any problems?
I have Crow harnesses mounted as per the diagrams in my 40, and use them when I am on and off road. I can see the need for some to have a retractable set up, but I have only ever had this style in this truck since '88, and have gotten used to not having the mobility that the other set ups might provide.

I run RCI 2" 4-point belts...and just tuck the shoulder ones behind me for 99% of my driving, on and offroad. Usually only pull them on for "interesting" situations...
I use the same thing Woody does. You can see pics of it at JEGS or
arch engine- if you're question was for me...I took a piece of square tube and welded it right behind the rear seat, about level with the pad of the seat where your butt sits. Weld across to the base plate I have that on top of my fenders. This square tube is gussetted and boxed in. I took a 2 inch grade eight bolt and cross drilled the square tube. There are two points just to the outside of the seat where I used a long grade eight bolt and mounted the lower harness pts here. Does this help? I think this is similar to what I have seen others do before.

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