Anyone tried these custom calliper brackets?

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Nov 23, 2009
Dallas, TX
Just curious as to whether anyone has tried these custom built brake calliper brackets that allow you to use Chevy callipers.

ebay item # 300331968215
I've seen a few done however most people are going to say swap for later knuckles with V6 mini truck front calipers and later short, fine spline birfs. If you're going to wheel it, especially if you lock the front, then I'd say go with the toyota stuff.

Will those brackets and GM calipers work? Yes. I'd suggest 2 3/4" piston dirt track calipers for the front and normal GMs for the rear.

Is it the strongest possible setup? No.
well looks are everything. its not important weather they work or not go for looks after all they are just brakes nothing important
Never heard of those. I recommend going Toyota. Seems easier and better. :meh:

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