Anyone towing a camper this summer?

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I would like to know how heavy that boat is. I will be pulling/hauling the pop-up, wife, two kids, two dogs and gear with the mighty 3fe engine. I just need to figure out how to get to the mountains going down hill both ways.
I did that trip in 2006 absolutely amazing and no wonder it's high on most aussie 4wders bucket list. I currently work away from home but i will dig out some photos of my rig with the camper trailer in tow on the Telegraph track.
Probably should be in the Camper trailer section, but here's a couple of picks of my rig and camper at Cape York
I'll be towing a pop-up tent trailer, wife, 3 kids, 1 dog, and a bunch of **** ... also "powered" by the 3FE.

That is the exact same Starcraft that I have. I have been able to get it to some remote places. The magchloride has done a good job on the frame from living in Colorado. I have not pulled it with the 3FE. I think with the water tank empty I will be good to go.

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