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Dave 2000

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Jan 24, 2009
I am near completing the list of 'bits' and pieces' for my cooling system mods and electric radiator fan install, just waiting for the hose adaptor, and a choice of switches to be decided. As the diesel 80 is peculiar in that the thermostat is in the bottom hose I am trying to work out the best temperature switches to use in the bottom hose to switch the two speeds of the fan so the final water temp leaving the head is not too hot. There are three temp switches inline in one adaptor, one for each of the two speeds and another which will be paralleled to my low oil pressure buzzer.

I am trying to find out the water temp as it leaves the head. I did laser mine awhile back when I decided to run around without the shroud on and have the information in a safe place......yeh I know....really safe!

So if anyone has temps on their cylinder head I would appreciate it, info I have accrued thus far is as follows:

Stock stat 74 -78, so a mean figure of starting to open at 76 centigrade.

Fully open 90 degrees C

There is a cut out for the AC but I am a bit unsure on the AC cut out temp but, figures of 108 degrees C have been mentioned? Apparently this is the temp that Toyota feels right to disable the AC and allow the cooling system to cope with the high temps.

I was thinking around 106 C max leaving the head and before then I should have a warning on the dash, I would like to see 100 leaving the head as a max in normal use.

So my feelings so far and assuming the sensors are mounted in the bottom hose are:

First fan speed 87 on - 82 off
Second fan speed 95 on - 90 off
Overheating 102 on - 97 off





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