Anyone sell compressor pumps?

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Feb 25, 2002
I'm looking to buy a air compressor pump so I thought I'd check with fellow cruiserheads first to see if anyone might sell them.

Burl, I haven't seen any list/poster who sells compressors specifically, but a number have bought electric pumps at Pep Boys ~$50, and york pumps from piknpul can be mounted on the motor with Mudrak's or a homemade bracket.

With your fabbing skills, either should be a snap. I went with extreme outback's electric unit. If I ever redo it, I'll figure out how to do the york setup. Mine's 100% duty, but still won't hold a candle to Bob's york.
Thanks Dan but I should have been more specfic I'm looking for one to build for the shop.

Thanks again
Gotcha. On the to do-overs someday, I'd suggest avoiding the oilless types. The ones w/belts and cast iron cylinders are much quieter, not to mention far longer lasting. If I ever get a garage, that's what I'll do.

Not sure what you mean by build, but I've seen some decent deals on complete compressors, 220v at Carlisle as well as at

Let me know how you make out.
Grainger sells them. Kinda pricey but good quality.
where are you from? im in Utah, im a salesman for a fastener company.. we sell dewalt,roll air, or Quincy, for shop use, the quincy is what you want. they come from 8 gallon to 100 gallon with anything in between

pm me if you want more info
Send me what you need/want, I work @ grainger part time and i'll help all i can. Generally the discontinued stuff is where it is at as far as price goes.

Matter of fact I will probably be in Va. (Christiansburg) in a few weeks.
Thanks for the help I'm still looking since I have the 60gal tank :)

Had to leave early yesterday but still looking, the tank is kind of a side note in the cost of a compressor. I looked and found some pumps, but by the time you add the motor (compressor service rated), pulleys, belts, etc. you have passed the price of a whole new compressor.
put in part # 4yn50, is that about what your after?

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