Anyone seen a FJ45 pop-top?

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Apr 21, 2005
St. Louis
So, lately I've been wondering what to do with my LV. It has a big hole in the roof that we cut open years ago for hunting. I had a rag top made, but lately its been so cold that the heater just can't keep up. Other than repair the hole (with skills I don't have), I was toying with the idea of a vanagon style pop top or safari style hard top that could extend upward. I found this site, and if it's a repost, I apologize. But I still think its cool. This guy must be related to Buckroseau somehow. Am I the only guy who thinks this is pretty cool?
That's what Uncle Srocket is doing in Germany now.........:D

Sorry, no relation.....that I know of?

I'm not totally sold yet. I think Mike should use his, "LV Spread" powers for good instead of evil and photoshop up an lv with this top on it ;p

Nope, you're not the only one. I've been looking for a donor Vanagon for the 60 for the last couple months.
Measured a vanagon once.. Very dooable if you took the whole roof off, did some glass work in the middle and grafted it on the LV. There is a place somewhat close to you between Columbia and JEff City that has tons of them . I'd love to help you with this project sometime later this year if your really wanting to pursue. 1st order of business is coming up with the donor roof. In the meantime I'd paint the inside of the roof, add some insulation (aka Reflectix type of material) and go from there. A floor liner insulation will also make a huge difference in sound and heat. Can't remember if you had anything on the floor or not. Chef's LV is home now as well and we hope to start on it this summer as well! Could always use the help!
Erik, I'd be happy to come out and lend a hand. Is Chef's LV painted now? I have started on the roof, but I need to get some of those 3M scotchbrite type wheels and liquid seam sealer for the drip edge. I can't stop thinking that making this a mini-expedition type rig would be pretty cool. I don't think I'll be cruisin the sahara anytime soon, but taking the kids camping for a weekend here and there can be fun too. Which makes me think, what would be ideal to include? Fresh water bladder, stove, heater, sleeper for 2 kids, 2 adults, cookware, storage, front seats that can rotate towards the rear (?), what else? I think I'll brush up on my Danish and email michulla.:)
Not painted, just delivered home with new roof stuff done. Sometime this summer I'll be bringing up my big ol Air Compressor, couple of DA Sanders and we're gonna get high on paint fumes and dust.. I think right now Chef's gonna see if the engine's gonna push her round the yard or not and we gotta get a suspension under it and one of the front axles I helped him build for it. And finsih brakes and oh. the list goes on.. We're just probably gonna drink and stare at it and make vroom noises!
So.. I'll work on getting the location of those Vanagons for ya! (see this post was relevant!)
Sherpa! You reading my posts? Your mission is above! You know the place!
I emailed the owner of the rig in Denmark. Sounds like a cool guy. I invited him to come check out mud, and he responded;

"Hello Karl !
Nice words about our Web-site, we sure like that.

We had the FJ45 for 15 years, the first 3 years we used to rebuild it and
to do som off-roading, to get used to different landscapes.

In october 2003 we sold it, and it went to Holland, after that we heard

We had a wonderful time with the FJ45, even it was very thirsty, fuel in
this part of the world is a little expensive.

We had to sell it, as we are now pensionized, today our car is a Suzuki
Ignis, but allso with 4-WD as we like to go and see (and drive) places where
the road is not paved.

Have a nice time with our Toyotas.

Sincerely yours

Ulla and Michael
look at Baywindow riviera bus

I had a baywindow (1974) VW riviera conversion bus that I was going to swap the pop top onto my pig. I think the fit is a little better than a Vanagon. Also the riv's have a straight popup with a glass cargo area up front that allows you to adjust length without splicing your tent top. this is just off the top of my head, Bus when to the scrap yard months ago, And I didn't get to serious about it cause an LV showed up in the shop not long after I got the Idea.
Good luck. What a camp rig you'll have. Don't forget to mount the propane stove in the tailgate.
thanks for the input Bryce. That's exactly the style I was hoping for, looks similar to the safari style tops. This board never ceases to amaze me. You throw out an idea and ten others have had similar ideas or input to make it even better. Very cool. So, did the top go to the scrap yard along with the rest of the bus?
"is Chef's LV painted yet?"


I'm about 70% done with all the weld grinding. Then all I have to do is about a kerbillion hours of sanding, bodywork, primer, sanding, bodywork, primer, and mask and paint and mask and paint, and mask and paint.

Then finish the drivline, brakes, upholstery, wiring, glass and seals....

No problem;)

Do not expect "Buck-Grade (tm)" work out of me, you'll be disappointed.
Chef, I guess I should have said "Is Chef's LV painted already?' I was surprised that you had it home from the shop. I keep thinking of Erik's quote about sitting in the LV making vroom-vroom noises. And then I get a laugh out of you in my LV "Wow, I'm sitting in an LV.....that's running." Let me know when you get to sanding, I don't have any Buck-Grade(tm) skills, but with a little coaching, I bet I could work a sanding block at least as well as a trained monkey. Plus, it'll be good experience to get finished on mine.
top is still available

Lito said:
thanks for the input Bryce. That's exactly the style I was hoping for, looks similar to the safari style tops. This board never ceases to amaze me. You throw out an idea and ten others have had similar ideas or input to make it even better. Very cool. So, did the top go to the scrap yard along with the rest of the bus?
The bus and top are still at the junk yard. The guy is kinda buddies he's been like a crusty junkyard grandpa for me since I was in junior high. I may be able to check measurements on itfor you and compare them with my LV sometime soon. Never know when i will need a J.Y. therapy session. Is it strange that i can relax and clear my stresses away by walking through an old style wrecking yard?
Anyway, My cows on the ranch are calving and my wife is at home getting ready to do the same, so I can't promise I will get to it this week. But will try as soon as I can, if you want.
Also keep in mind that is not a complicated portion of the roof. A patch panel can be made, easily. The guy at the shop that was helping me with my LV charges `$40 an hour, I'd say that is well under a 10 hour job to get new steel in there.

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