Anyone running an 850/860 combo without caster correction? (1 Viewer)

Aug 10, 2004
Queens, NYC and sometimes Orlando, FL
First and foremost, I'm looking to retain the original ride height :redface:

I know that sounds a bit strange since everyone wants the look of a 4" lift or more, but all the years I've had my Cruiser, I've realized that the stock ride height is more than adequate for the majority of my driving :meh:

Thing is, I'm running with a ton of weight (full rack, swing outs, plate bumpers, dual winches, dual batts, etc., etc.), so I'm looking to upgrade the coils to bring me back to the factory height (an inch or so higher would be ok)

My current setup is original front coils with 2" Metal Tech Spacers and 860's in the rear with AirLift bags.

The 860's out back seem to be holding up well with my normal running weight and I only add a little air in the bags when I'm either running a really heavy load or towing just to level her out.

After installing a BIOR plate style front bumper, the front end has been slowly sagging :oops:

Here's a shot with the OEM bumper, which I think is the perfect height for my needs...

And here's a shot with the BIOR bumper about 1.5 years ago (you can tell there's a little stink bug to it)

And here's what she looks like today all settled (no air in the bags)

I figure with all the extra weight, a set of 850's up front (no spacers) should bring me close to where I wanna be :hmm:

Anyone here running an 850/860 combo on a heavy rig without caster correction?
Apr 3, 2012
AZ (Far East Valley)
I went with the J's in the front to keep it level. I thought they would ride rough but they are smooth. I got castor plates but did not ever feel the need to put them on. The only variable is I run tall skinny 255's on my truck. I think each truck is different and you would not really know if you need the castor correction or not until its done.
Aug 25, 2014
Olympia, WA
Im running 850j and 860 with caster correction and the ride imo is superb. Albeit my rig fully loaded and topped off is only running at 6100lbs i love the setup.

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