Anyone running a 4" BDS set-up on a FJ40?

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Sep 6, 2003
Nice Side of the Wasatch Range
Wondering if anyone can tell me how the shackle angle is, if it's correct or more straght up and down? Anyone have a pic they can post up of the shackle angle?

Does anyone know if BDS makes the HFS for CoolCruisers? I just have always felt that's who's making them because their website gives installation instructions for "HFS" and "BDS", and the shock boots they sell are BDS. Just seems with this much affiliation one would think that they're making their springs as well.

Any info on BDS springs in particular would be helpful.

I'm running them on my '76 ... the shackle angle is good on them, but boy are they stiff. They nicknamed me "tripod" out at Katemcy cause I always had a tire in the air, not much flexing going on. I'm going to reversed stock springs and SOA, you might want to jump there from the start.

My $.02.

What Tucker said. Decent quality springs, good warranty, but too stiff for mild use. Probably OK if you're loaded w/ camping gear and winch and dual batts and...

We replaced w/ Skyjacker softride 2.5" and had better ride and flex.
i don't think bds makes the hfs springs... i think a canadian manufacturer (somebody jump in here) makes both bds and hfs springs.
I run the BDS and they flex great. I fully compress my suspension. I was running 33" and they would scrub in the wheel wells.

I now run 36" and have to utilize bump stops.

My shackle angle was not good though.

I also ran the Dt shocks, they are very soft.
Same maker of springs but diffrent specs, HFS and BDS feed thier specs and the same company makes them but they are not the same by design. I run BDS 2.5 with extended shackles and get decent flex. At first they are pretty stiff, but after breaking them in they start to get softer.
FJ40Jim said:
What Tucker said. Decent quality springs, good warranty, but too stiff for mild use. Probably OK if you're loaded w/ camping gear and winch and dual batts and...

We replaced w/ Skyjacker softride 2.5" and had better ride and flex.

If they are the ones I think they are those springs are now under my truck, I have only driven a mile or two in a few years. but I added extended Conferr shackles and they are damn near vertical. I will know some more once I can drive out of the garage:)

Best pick I got.
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Like everyone else said, BDS 4" are really stiff! I've had mine for 4 years and they haven't softend up much at all. If I was to do it again I think I would take a close look at HFS.
HFS have better shackle angle out of the box than BDS. CCOT use to say that all their restored cruisers they used BDS springs. Now they use HFS. I have a 4" BDS on my 74 FJ40 and the shackle angle sucks but I haven't put any miles on it yet. I've been told that the BDS angle will be better after the break in so we'll see.

I have no top or doors on yet either so that should help too.

Spring angle.jpg
I have nothing to compare the ride to but I noticed an improvment in ride quality as soon as I put them on compared to what I had on before (stock springs and extended shackles).

The rear shackle angle is acceptable but not great. The front is pretty much verticle. I only have about 2000 miles on them. They seem to flex OK. There is probably a better spring out there but I got a pretty good deal on my setup and they get the job done.
I had them on my 60....suck. Way too stiff. If the 60 was fully loaded down with four people and gear, then it was okay, but otherwise I thought seriously about taking a leaf out.
Thank you all much for your comments, they help me out a bunch. I've got friends that say this and that and you really don't know what to believe, but I really do value the feedback from MUD!

Thanks again,

My buddy runs the HFS 4" complete kit with stock length shackles and it rides really, really, really good. It definatly rides better than my skyjacker 4" even with RS9000's. His really flexes good too as he discovered the hard way by tearing up a tire. If I were to do it again, I would get the HFS springs and keep the RS9000's. The main drawback to the HFS springs, which may not be for some, is that you need to extend your driveshaft becaseu you can see the splines where with my skyjacker springs, I don't need to. But then the rear axle on my 40 sits forward about 1.5 inches than stock so it can look a little funny. I guess skyjacker did that so you could still use your stock driveshaft which I still do and daily drive it with some shims in the rear only.
i run a 4" hfs lift with 1.5" extended shackles, i've had no need to extend the driveshaft. it's an all around great sua setup, rides excellent, and the only other pieces i had to buy seperate from the kit were the extended brake lines and shims for the front axle.
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