Anyone Reuse Front Axle Hub Snap Rings?

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Dec 24, 2003
Out of curiosity when you all are servicing the front axle hubs are you always replacing the snap rings or do you always reuse them unless there's some sort of damage done to them? Every time that I've ever serviced the front axle hubs (and they are due now again) I've replaced these things just basically because the FSM calls them "non-reusable" but I wonder whether that is truly necessary. Thoughts? Thanks. :cheers:
many times. If they are in good shape there shouldnt be an issue. I have reused star washers as well

Ken, thanks for the response ... by "many times" am I understanding that you reuse the same set time after time or that there have been many times when you've reused the same set once but only just once? Just trying to get an idea about how durable these things are. Thanks. :cheers:
I don't really have a time on it. I would guess I have reused more than once when I did a brake job in between. I really can't comment on how many times you can use them.
I've even beat them back into shape so they fit tighter. No need to get new ones unless they are worn or broken.
X10 or whatever.

Unless the rings are broken ( doubtful one could be " broken " ) they are good to go. If you note on say Marlin Crawlers site for example - they do not include then in their front axle service package - says to reuse them.

Star washers hammer flat and reuse. Keep your old ones at least for spares.

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