Anyone removed leafs from skyjacker 4" suspension??

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Mar 15, 2008
Roslindale, MA
i'm dealing with a slight binding issue with my front driveshaft.. and i've been researching and trying to figure out the best method of solving this.

i have a skyjacker 4" lift with 1.5" extended shackles..

right now the caster angle is +3.5..

i just got some 2.5 shims.. and new leaf spring center pins to put the caster angle where i want it.. but i have a feeling that won't quite be enough to put the severe driveshaft angle issue to rest.

i've researched cut and turns and that isn't a route i wish to go..

so my plan is to install the shims.. AND remove 1 (or 2) of the smaller bottom leafs to take an inch or so out of the lift.. which would lessen the angle hopefully just enough.. and maybe even allow my springs to articulate.. these springs are stiff as a rock anyways and i've been breaking them in for 5 years now..


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Never found the Skyjackers to be stiff up front.
I would check and make sure your shackle pins are not to tight which would not allow flex. Also how is your shackle angle?
Do you have a shackle reversal?
How does it drive with out the shims?
As a last resort you can releave the binding on the drive shafts by grinding some of the metal off.
I ran 4" skyjackers with extended shackles and did not have any binding. As a thought are the shims installed backwards.
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yes i forgot to mention i do have a shackle reversal kit..

here's pics of my shackle angle.. (or lack there of..) the truck is parked slightly uphill if that matters..


it drives OK without the shims.. i have a little death wobble sometimes which is an ongoing investigation.. THE ISSUE is when i want to put it in 4WD..

i don't want to remove the leafs to make for a softer ride.. the reasoning behind it is to lessen the harsh angle with the driveshaft..

and i haven't installed the shims yet so they aren't on backwards.
I think you need some shims in the +4* range. That will put you close to the stock +1* caster.
I am no expert. But If it drives ok with out the shims I would take them out. Better yet take it to an alignment shop and spend the money to get an alignment and find out your exact caster. Then work to correct it. I found when I had shims up front and used them to correct the drive shaft angle with a shackle reversal you have to turn them around. Helped the drive shaft angle did not help my caster.

Does the driveshaft bind without the shims?

Did you flip your front springs around with the shackle reversal? Short side (Spring eye to Spring pin measurement) If I remeber correctly it goes toward the fixed shackle.

Do you have shackle pins that can be lubbed? If not maybe take them apart and lube the pins and put them back together making sure not to over torque.

As for death wobble I have know clue. Check and make sure everything is tight (u-bolts,etc) and in good condition (no bad tie rod ends or bent rims). If you have one of the old bolt on shackle reversal that can cause some intersting driving experiences.

Just my $.02
peetescoffee.. i appreciate the 2cents.. let me just re-clarify..

i haven't installed the shims yet.. i have been to the allignment shop and my caster is +3.5.. yes the driveshaft does bind a bit.. not really bind but rubs a little bit.. that is the problem i'm trying to solve..

my springs are on correctly with greasable pins all torqued down propperly.. u bolts tight.. and the shackle reversal kit is welded on..

i'm going to do this project in a couple hours.. i'll let u know how it turns out.. any last minute advice is welcome.
Hope it works out.
My only other thought is that the front springs are in the rear and the rear in the front or did the shackle reversal get installed slightly forward of the original shackle location. If it is not in stock location the springs would be short by that distance which could also create a point your pinion down like that and creat binding

What shocks are you running? A stiff shock will make the ride harsh. I ran the skyjacker Hydro's when I had the skyjacker lift and now run Bilsteins with my new springs by Alcan.
I was thinking about your stiff ride and death wobble this afternoon as I drove my 40 around today. With a shackle reversal that hangs down like yours (and mine) they tend to find rocks on the trail. I bent mine once on a rock and the rig drove and road terrible because the springs could not move around. bent the shackle striaght and had a friend weld a plate over the front to reinforce and protect the hanger.
Any way $.02 more of my ramblings,
Mission Accomplished

Hey petescoffee... thanx for showing interest in my issues...

i'm using black diamond shocks.. came with the skyjacker lift kit i got back in 2001.. the advanced steering correction kit is installed correctly.. and no damage yet to the front spring hangers.. the caster angle was simply due to the extended shackles.. when i switched the shackles i overlooked the shim factor...

BUT NOW........:)

after an afternoons work.. the shims are in.. and i took out 1 leaf from my spring pack (not the smallest but the second smallest leaf).. which ended up lowering the front .5".. and badda bing badda boom.. those adjustments were enough to eliminate the driveshaft bind.. give me a slightly better shackle angle.. AND SO FAR the DW has calmed down (don't wanna jinx it.. :doh: maybe i just did..) .. drove it 30 miles and felt like i was on a friggn' majic carpet ride! (that's a good thing incase u were wondering..):cool:
I have the same set up but what.I installed the shims and a stock shackle in the back part of the spring
Never had a problem as far as Drive shafts issues.

In the rear I put the 4in springs and a 2.5in hell for stout shackle from cool cruisers. The truck sits a lil' hi'er in front then the back.

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