Anyone remove their heater and not regret it?

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Sep 3, 2007
Citrus Springs, FL
I was out in the garage trying to find the best place to mount a bolt in battery box.

I can bolt it up to the inside of the fender I guess. But there isn't a really good spot to bolt it securely too.

It seems like it would fit very nice sitting vertically in the location of the blower motor. And it would bolt on there as easy as pie.

Right now I've got no top or doors on so the heater doesn't do all that much but it does keep your toes warm when it's on high in winter and it can help cool stuff down if you overheat in summer.

Big mistake or pure genius?
even if you don't need heat a defroster is a great thing to have.
No top, no doors, no heater, no problem. I do keep a rag around for the very rare need of a defrost. I am in Florida though so the opinion is biased. The floorboard helps keep the toes warm the once or twice it's cool here.
i live in minnesota and plan on hooking up a heater. you just have to look at how often you use your heater and can you get by without it. this is up to you to weigh your options.
Yup out, bagged & tagged in case I change my mind.
Similar to Bret; no snow in Hawaii
Don't do it; you will miss it

I don't have mine, well I do, but I can't install it b/c the shifter from my sm420 would bang into the heater box under the dash. No heat is not the problem, but no defroster is a drag and the electric solutions are expensive and loud. I have a dual battery set up build a custom battery tray. Might be a better way to go.
battery box

I would not want to lose the heater. Even in florida a defroster is worth having and a heater adds comfort.

There's no real reason to lose the heater when you can have a dual mount under the hood

these mounts are 100 bucks or so
i keep my doors off year round. so heater doesnt do much (wool socks help). if its cold, bundle up and bear it. but i wouldnt take it out if i didnt have to.
heres a picture of mine and i still have heater

You know there's nothing connected to those batteries, right??? :hillbilly:

I looked at those at MAF and just couldn't see paying $150 for a single battery tray (really just couldn't think of a way to justify it to my wife). I ordered one that will take some work for $40.

Ya'll have talked me into it. I'll get it attached to the fender this afternoon. There is a little mount there on the inside of the fender for something or other. So I'll get it up there between that and the blower motor.

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