Anyone rebuilt their PS pump for a leak?

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Aug 8, 2003
My bro in law's 93 has a minor seep from the PS pump. It's PS fluid and it is not from the hoses. With just shy of 300,000 miles on it I guess the pump deserves a little attention, eh?

When I look in my 1993 Factory Manual, they have the incorrect pump - I'm guessing it is for the 92's 4.0L engine so it is of no help to me in gauging the time or difficulty of putting a rebuild kit in to stop the leak.

So, any input? A search shows only one person here doing a rebuild and I've got a PM in to him (AZCruiser). Is this correct or have others opened their pumps also? Any suggestions on seal sweller brands to move this into the warmer months here in N. Idaho??


It's forecasted for me. I've got a small leak on the lower part of the vane pump.

I can document for future.
What's it coming from? I replaced an O-ring on the Audi's pump, it was under a plug on top of the pump. The cheap O-ring dissolved in the hydraulic fluid, I have a Viton O-ring in there now.
At 300k it deserves a new pump.

If you do choose to take the original apart be sure to have your reading glasses handy. You can put the vanes in backwards very easily....:whoops:
My leak is coming from the back of the vane pump where the plate holds all the internals. The plates about 2.5" in diameter.

Dan, amoung shocks and struts my company produces, we also make p/s pumps. I'd hate to mess the vanes up.
I remember doing dougnuts in our honda 92 accord in the pastures and then it had a leak. lol those things are tough by the way. We just made sure it was filled and eventually had it replaced. I wouldn't bother fixing something like that. I'll just pop up again.
I have done a bunch of Toyota pumps, easy job just note how everything is orientated when taking it apart and reassemble the same way. The cylinder, rotor and vanes need to be reinstalled in the same relationship that they ran in originally, a digital camera helps, shoot lots of pix of the disassembly to refer to if needed.
The pump is not hard to rebuild. In addition to the normal snap ring pliers and such, you will need a 14mm 12-point socket to get the drive gear off. The rebuild kit only has internal seals and snap rings. You will also want to replace the 203SS bearing, the 90301-73004 o-ring that goes between the pump and the block, and probably the 44327-30030 metal gaskets for the high pressure hose. If your low pressure hose is petrified you can replace it with generic 5/8" power steering hose from Carquest (other brands may be too tight).

Feel free to ask any questions. I have a spare pump that I recently rebuilt; PM me if you are interested in it.
Hardest part was getting the cover back in place. You might price a used pump.
Anyone care to post a blow up of the FSM page showing the parts? I'd appreciate it as my 93 FSM doesn't have the correct pump and later years will.

This one?

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