Anyone put a bypass oil filter on their 80?

Dec 24, 2019
Sydney, Australia
I've been considering a bypass oil filter for my HZJ80 for the last six months or so. This is a low-flow secondary oil filter that filters down to 1 micron or below, keeping your oil much cleaner than the normal full-flow oil filter. Over time all the oil runs through the secondary filter meaning much fewer, smaller particles in your engine oil, so theoretically reduced engine wear. I plan on keeping my 80 for a long time, so this seems like a sensible thing to fit in order to prolong engine life, on paper at least.

I'm interested if anyone here has ever fit one to an 80, and if so what type you went with and if you're happy with it?

There don't seem to be a lot of kits for this around. I've been looking at the getting this sandwich plate from "Jackmaster" here in Australia, to give me an easy feed for the bypass filter:

They also sell bypass filters, but their "high end" ones are a bit pricey. This one that I'd go for is $590AUD plus postage:
That seems a bit excessive for what this is, especially when it's actually just a rebadged unit straight from China:
I'm considering buying directly from the manufacturer on Alibaba for $130 AUD. This is itself just a ripoff of the BU50E model from Triple R, but it's not much more than a piece of machined aluminium.

Any thoughts or opinions on any of this? Any practical experience with particular manufacturers or kits?
Mar 19, 2011
Comaville in the Midwest
I have used similar for other cars that had different engines swapped in. Swapping sometimes made access to the factory oil filter locations difficult or would require some extra work to modify the frame or engine cradle.

Look over the big pile of threads here on oil changes and using larger filters. I have over 330k miles on my '94. Others have over 400K miles with just doing regular oil changes.

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