Anyone need a Carfax?

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Rum Runnin'
Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
I bought a 5 pack of CarFax reports but only need three, so I've got two up for grabs.

Post up the VIN you want ran or send me a pm and I'll help you out.
Still have two carfaxes left. Free to current ONSC Members.
Email sent to your hotmail account since that's the email I have.
I have one. JT3HT05J9Y0114896.

Thank you in advance!
Disregard. I missed your second thread that referenced ONSC members! Enjoy your weekend.
Any chance you still may have free Carfax? If not, understand :)

Looking at both of these later today:


Email sent to your hotmail account since that's the email I have.

@GLTHFJ60 sorry I just realized I forgot to thank you for that one. I got it and in the end we decided to keep the vw so I passed. Thanks for the info though it was helpful. :cheers:
Johnny - Do NOT look up those cars if you can or haven't already. Per our discussion and a few other factors we will not proceed with them at this time. Thanks :)
May go back with another Prius - something much cheaper than the one we sold. Figure I would save $4800 in three years ownership of a Prius vs a Corolla/Matrix, and the only cost difference I can think of would be a battery for the Prius. Used prices are basically the same for like vehicles.
Why did you sell one prius?

What about an older camry as a DD?
I sold our business' 2015 Prius, as the business didn't continue as expected here in NC. In its place, I bought a "Poverty Pack" Tacoma and am looking for a car for back and forth to work.

We are moving to 4 cars from 3 - So we will have the following:
  1. 4Runner or Land Cruiser as our adventure vehicle.
  2. Tacoma for kids to drive to/from school until they afford their own cars AND used by Wife and I on the weekends for projects.
  3. Family car or Wife's car in the 2014 Prius V - this is for use anytime we don't have to have #1 or #2.
  4. My back and forth to work car - 60 -80 miles per day (likely a $4-6K Prius).
Also considering a 100% EV . . . :)
OK, Johnny - this one is looking pretty serious if you get a chance and want to get rid of the last Carfax :)


Nissan Leaf "math" didn't work out. Trying to stay below $5k as well.
Thank you so much!!

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