Anyone near Yucca Valley?

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What cha got? work Wen Thurs Fri and Sun next week in Joshua Tree, can pick up Sat Am or Mon AM or by special arrangements. Let me know, have monthy family trips to Carlsbad or I can get them to TequilaTim or the swap meet in a few weeks.
Thanks for the offer Rob. I'm just gonna bomb out to Cabazon in the 45 Sunday to grab some tires. Not ideal but I need to get them. Driving the 40 around without a spare is a bit sketchy. Had my first flat in 14 years with that truck so I'm expecting a few more in the near future. Everything comes in 3's, right?

Notta, I have my 80 so it would be tight in the AM with tires, what size are they and can they be picked up tomorrow? I can save you some miles to Crapazon.........dont leave that 45 out of your sight old shop used to be next to the Dinasours rest stop.

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