Anyone Near Spokane?

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Aug 16, 2009
That's down to check out a 97 LX450 for me?

Here's the ad:

1997 Lexus LX 450 with 154XXX miles. Its the same vehicle as a Toyota Land Cruiser or FJ80. Its been my camping rig for the last 3 years. I'm the 2nd owner and as far as I can tell, this car has never been smoked in. It has some minor dings and dents but nothing that will effect its overall performance. I put a 3 inch old man emu lift with an ARB winch mounted bull bar (I do not have a winch). Electric front and rear locking Diffs. Towing package. Ipod/ CD/ MP3 player ( You hook your Ipod up in the glove box). Sunroof. I rhino lined the running boards. Complete brake job (I have the receipts). Less then 4000 miles on 285/75/R16 cooper tires.

I'd really appreciate it!!!!

PM me if you're bored and wouldn't mind checking it out :cheers:

As a caveat, does anyone on here own (or know who) owns this rig?

Found it on CL listed in Spokane Valley
PM Idahodoug--If he has the time he is one of the best folks on here to have a look at a used vehicle. He is over in CDA. I think RIDDLER has an 80 also, and he is in spokane. Try the spokane clubhouse forum....
I can't find a spokane clubhouse forum.
PM me the contact info and if I get over their early next week I'll check it out for you. Others may be able to see it earlier though.

Hey Doug next time your over in the valley area maybe you can check my LC out and give some seasoned owner knowledge and insight:cheers:
I'm in Spokane for work this week, PM to follow...
Got the info, just haven't got anything going on in Spokane yet this week. It's 70 miles round trip so we tend to go when needed....

You might want to check with "cornbread". I know he lives in Spokane and is a cruiser freak.

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