Anyone made it in an 80 up helicopter pad?

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
Just curious to see if anyone's done some wheelin in tellico. If so did you make it up helicopter pad? :cheers:
a guy in my club has done most if not all of tellico in his 80...

I would loosely call it an 80 now though....

2 hours S of Tellico here...I will do it once I can build my darn truck up.
IMO, guardrail in an 80 would not be bad at all....helicopter would most likely adjust some sheetmetal tho...I would think lower 2 to be easier in an 80 than heli tho.

Harder might be getting DOWN from heli tho...the backside is nasty, and 11 (I think it's 11) is interesting too....
i was looking at some old pictures last night from when i was at Western Carolina University. One of my good buds had a fj40 and he took me to tellico. I was hooked after that trip. He had just put a 350 in his rig and took me up hellicopter pad. If it's muddy up there (which is always) you can almost forget it! I don't think i'm ballsy enough to take my 80 up there. :cheers:

I actually haven't taken my 80 on any of the tellico trails, but hopefully soon that'll change.
I spotted for friend in an 80 up to problems getting there but we didn't go all the way.

schoolbus, lower 2, heli, slickrock, and now upper 2 are the tricky rides at Tellico these days.
I will!!
[quote author=Wrench link=board=2;threadid=9098;start=msg79287#msg79287 date=1072143424]
I will!!

I'll bring the long winch cable extension. :flipoff2: :eek: :D :p :D :D
any photos of the gnarly places?
helicopter pad...looks like nuthin in this shot tho, this is past the narly stuff...

Approaching the hard spot on Heli...

guardrail....the actual rail is just below the cables/ropes in the background...
Just do an image search on google for "tellico" and you will see just about everything there.

I can't wait to get a trail ready rig up there again.
photos on that site pretty impressive I must say...
I wanted to revive this thread to see if anyone else has any 80 vs. hellicopter pad stories? And to get folks pumped for the GSMTR.
You suck concretejungle.
Got me all itchin to tearup my stock 80 again.
I went to tellico last year and swore I would have my 80 ready for this year.
No soup for me, got to stay home.
Baby #2 on the way.
Look forward to seeing all the carnage unfold from here. :flipoff2:
Sorry kidpen. I am kinda feeling the pinch right now myself. I was totall planning on going, but over the past few weeks i am not sure if i'll be employed much longer. So pennies are getting tight. If something works out for me i'll see if there are any spots open for my junk.

I would love to see some pics of 80s working the pad.
Don't worry Junk is coming there will definately be carnage. LOL

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