Anyone live near Seminole, Oklahoma?

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Jun 2, 2004
Wheat Ridge CO
There is a Ford junk yard there that seems to have a lot of old Mercs. I need a few pieces of chrome for my 63 and they haven't responded to email. I didn't get an answering machine when I called.

Would anyone be willing to run down there for me?

Thanks in advance
I am in Tulsa and heading to Pueblo the 16th. If you just need someone to pick up some stuff, I can swing by and do that. If you need someone to scrounge the yard for the correct parts, I probably won't time.

I sold a 61 Comet a year ago. I didn't know that salvage was in Seminole. Good to know as I have an Econoline project in the works.

Let me know.

That would be sweet! These are the only pics I have4 online at the moment:

I like your avatar ;)

I am lookng for two pieces of chrome trim for the passenger side.

1963 Mercury Monterey
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treerootCO said:
Thank you for going out there for me. I owe you a :beer: for sure. Those pieces of chrome look perfect, I'll give him a call for sure. :)

No problem! If we ever meet I'll take you up on the :beer: :) but the chrome is not perfect it has a couple small dings. pm me your e-mail address and I'll send you the chrome pics. the sun was in a bad spot so pictures did not turn out as good as they could have been.

I did not find the yard in Seminole, this yard was in Tecumseh, Rath's Auto Salvage 505-598-5005, 405-598-8331

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