Anyone know where I can get fj60 bvsv's on the quick?

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How about Mud's 'Parting out' section ? Or Mud's 'Parts for sale' section, both under Classified.

I have the lower one the upper one you can get from toyota

Is the lower NOS or like-new condition? Price?

Thanks for the reply...much appreciated.
Your dealer should carry both of them. NOS.

The pink is #9093505046
And the blue is #9092505035 iirc

negative...NLA...or at least one is NLA (the one broken in my pic). . .the other may/may not be NLA.

Found two used but in good shape. . .

thanks for the info/PN's, much appreciated.
The violet BVSV is used by the EGR system to prevent the EGR valve from functioning until the coolant temp reaches 86º F.

The pink BVSV is used by the choke opener to prevent the choke opener from functioning below 41º F.

Neither are deal breakers. If the engine is allowed to warm up a bit before driving, you'll never miss the violet bvsv. If starting the engine below 41 ºF, the choke will crack open a little sooner than optimum.
i ordered from just the violet best price $24.48 +10.30 shipped from united arab emirates fed ex came in 2 or 3 days

9092505035 1 24.48$
9092505046 1 36.03$
Items total: 60.51$
plus shipping

if your desmogging you only "need" the violet one which ends in 35 and is less expensive, which is always nice, but if you are trying to put back to stock you want both
I bought both from dealer or online not long ago. Beno no have?
Yup I just bought the violet one two days ago! From my dealer here.
Brown is NLA!
You can also check with Georg @orangefj45 @ Valley Hybrids, He was able to help me with my BVSV needs just last week.

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