Anyone know where i can find 83410-60011

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Oct 5, 2015
I am in need of a gauge for my 1970 FJ40 restoration. I get no reading from the temp gauge regardless of how hot the vehicle is. I have replaced everything else so it has to be this. Temp sits on hot when not in use... start it and it drops to cold and then never moves from cold.... I really want to get this thing to work to maintain the original looks.
Perhaps you have the wrong sender. The fact that the gauge needle moves tells me that the gauge is not open. I'm not familiar with the gauges for a '70, but some earlier gauges operate in a reverse manner (resistance-wise) from later gauges. I think somewhere in the attached thread you'll find the OEM tech manual sender resistances (cold to hot) related to your model year. There's a lot of good info in this thread.

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You DO have the wrong sender. Most parts places do not recognize the sender for a 70 rig is NOT the same as for a later rig. Yours is one that has high resistance for high temp-post 1975(maybe a bit earlier) they were low resistance = high temp.
Search the thread by BJ40 Green on this--a few days ago, I got this from him:

Still the questions is.... do you have the OEM sender?
What you wrote down is for a '73 and later sender. Let me explain that.

The 69 till 72 sender is a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) sender, which means that when the temp goes up the resistance goes up. When the resistance goes up the current goes down and the needle goes back to H. That's why the gauge shows H when ignition is off.
So: low temp = low resistance = needle in the C corner.
High temp = high resistance = needle in the H corner.

The 73 and later is a NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) sender, which means when the temp goes up the resistance goes down. When the resistance goes down the current increases and the needle will go up to H.

So..... I don't care where and when and from who you bought the sender, it should be the OEM 83420-20010.

Here is an image of the gauge that is in my vehicle.... Does the reference D5603 mean anything to you all?
OK... I bought 2 senders... both did the same thing and both were from 2 different retailers. The one in the vehicle now is a Beck Arnley part... I will order a 83420-20010 now to see if it works differently for the car. Can you tell by the gauge image above if that is the correct gauge for a 70 model? It should be a second generation from what I can tell. I will hunt down a sender now
OK, what am I doing wrong.... received the new part (shown) which is longer than my old one and will not fit in the intake spot due to the length of the probe. What am I missing? Is there another port that has the depth?
The gauge is correct for your year.
The fact that the needle moves means that the gauge is ok.
You have to use the OEM sender! Any other brand does not work because this Toyota sender is a PTC type. All others are NTC type or bad repro's.
83420-20010 temp sender.JPG

About the location..... somebody will tell you where it belongs.

No, you need the associated OEM adapter fitting which is around 3" tall...give or take a few MM. ;)
Which is likely called a "union" with a length of 44mm....


Ok, I ordered it.... Couldn't find any image of it anywhere... Will try again when it's in
Few NOS gauges available. If any1 else or @stolleee still looking .. temp/fuel/oil ..

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Hello JB :)

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Interesting thread! So if someone swaps a 2f into a 72 fj40 the f temp sender would need to be swapped into the 2f?


And the TALLER Sensor Union too ....
- it's long since Disc. / NLA

- but i reproduced it from the ashes of History FSM books , to Real Time Live status ,

- it's more the a TOP SHELF Excellent needed parts solution , its a example of OEM Inspired Professional Mechanical Artwork ....
- Machined from solid marine grade Nickle Alloy unfused round solid Brass bar stock
- Period Correct Fit Form and Function in Every Conceivable way






And just to add this to keep all the IP in one place, the early long senders are not variable resistors, they are point type regulators and function the same way as the oil pressure sender and early fuel level senders. You cannot test them with an ohm meter and get meaningful results. You can use a test light and test the same as the oil pressure sender, the light will pulse on and off.

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