Anyone know when the mud bogs start in VA?

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Jan 10, 2005
Farmville, VA
I want to enter in one for the hell of it because I got a few buddies at school interested and they don't think my cruiser could even attempt it so I think it would be fun to try. Yall know of any ones coming up this spring that I could go to relatively close to Richmond? Websites?
I think OCC and Bigdogs spnsor stuff like that, you're gonna have to do a little digging (into their organization) to find the exact date and time. Yeah, I would like to go and watch too, so keep us posted man! :D
Are your SS Boggers on the way?
I think your cruiser can attempt it... but that's it.... unless you sink to the bottom and then just drive out from the bottom:D
It would be kind of funny to see a wagon with an IH8MUD sticker actually in a bogging contest
check out Old Dominion four wheel drive club. They hold events at Bodatious off road park. It is only about 1 hour from you at Farmville. The events are held in Cartersville Va. Take 45 north, rt 60 east . I think they have one coming up soon.
The Big Boys event claims to have one in Harrisonburg the 18th.
Look up Bodacious, that was the place in my party days.

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