Anyone know Rubicon Expedition Products?

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Sep 28, 2004
back in the land of enchantment
I met another single speeder on the foothills trails recently and when we met for a ride this morning, I was scoping out his badass 200 series more than his titanium Why Cycles single speed mountain bike. Turns out he is one of the founders of Rubicon Expedition Products. California company but he is based in Albuquerque for now. Check out their site for some cool stuff:

I pointed him to the HDC forum, so hopefully Christian will introduce himself and join us for breakfast or a trip.
Christian has a contact info for CA but if he has some inventory in ABQ, I'd be keen to check out one of the awnings in person.
I think the only inventory he has here is what is on/in his 200. He has the 23zero 270 awning mounted. He does go back and forth to Cali some, so maybe could save on shipping for some items.

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