anyone know if a micro 12 volt dc generator to bolt onto frame of a 60?

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Jan 11, 2008
I have had cases that waiting for a jump to get my truck going was a real hassle, or no one seems interested.

Two years ago, I was crossing from Washington state at the Peace arch border crossing into Canada. Guard asked me to shut my truck down to see paper work. As soon as I went to start truck it was slow to start, and then did not start. The guards were useless, because they said "we don't jump people cars" Friken ticked me off. I had jumper cables in hand and showing people I needed a jump. Cars passed me going into canada, I think I counted 100 cars in those two hours passing me by. In the mean time, I called BCAA, which the tow truck was two hours wait for it to come to the bor

So, does anyone know of a micro 12 volt dc generator that can be strapped to the frame for emergency cases like this? I have seen some onlne...but old discontinued units..not for this purposes but general purpous use.
There are chargeable-able packs meant for jumps that hold their charge for a long time, we keep one for the race car which doesn't get driven that often. Another option (which I run) is dual batteries.
2X Big Cruiser.
The batt should not be draining like that. It should be able to start the engine anytime, every time with ease if the batt is good and getting charged.

But here is a nice back-up that can fit in a glove box.
The day or two before going across the border, it was having trouble starting. I have the 3b diesel version and has two batteries. I had replaced one of the two a week ago with a used, but fully charged battery. I had a no start issue today. Drained battery trying to start it. Found that one of the main glow plug buss bar nuts was not tight.

This micro generator would be used as a emergency backup. I mean, aircraft use micro centrifical power turbine to power the electrical,heat and hydralics. So, the idea of having a micro generator under the truck may also be a good idea. Imagine being in the middle of no ware. Something happens, may parking lights left on, or something that causes the truck not to start...then what? This little generator would do the truck. The only thing I can see in this vidio is it needs self excitation. This is a standard alternator that is not self excitable. But alternators with perm magnets can be found online. This would be perfect to have.
I like the idea of the micro start for back up….Until then park on a hill??? :hillbilly:
Imagine being in the middle of no ware. Something happens, may parking lights left on, or something that causes the truck not to start...then what?

Plug in your flexible solar panel.
A 30 watt panel will start a car (FJ60 w/ 2F gas engine) with a dead battery after charging in direct sunlight after about 40 minutes. A 75 watt panel in 20 minutes.

A smaller (& cheaper) 12 watt panel might take about an hour & a half or so.
I run a bj60 diesel with two 500 cca batteries. While I have thought of having a solar panel, a micro generator can put out 15--60 amps and charged those batteries in a fraction of the time a solar panel could charge it.
If your battery is dead under a bunch of trees, good luck getting it charged.

If your regular alternator decided to die, power up the micro generator and get your self out of the woods and to a shop or part store!!

The microgenerator would be in a water proof box, with internal heat sinks and fans. Heat would radiate to outside box on heatsinks. The intake and exhaust would be piped in silicone tubing into engine compartment that is above the water line OR the box has valves that are manually opened up, for intake and exhaust use after out of the water.
Another option, mount the 2 stroke motor off a braket inside the engine compartment and remove vbelt off alt and hook up one between alternator and 2 stroke motor.
While I respect your desire to make fun gadgets, 2 brand new matching 750 CCA batteries are a far simpler solution to your problem.
Mismatched batteries in a 24 volt system are a recipe for problems, and 500 CCA are pretty marginal for a high compression diesel with glow plugs. I have twin 750's CCA and they work pretty well but I would go even bigger next time.
I had smaller batteries in there before (650's) and they just couldn't keep up.
I got my self two 830 CCA batteries, pretty happy with those even in winter.
A small solar panel to charge up a dead battery in a couple of minutes I would call horse s***. Unless you mean those big panels you would use on your house.
A small generator sounds like a lot of hassle, get your self a capacitor bank for emergency start up power or welding.
I bought a 48v maxwell pack that I charge up to 29.2v. I have never seen my starter as quick and strong before as when I got this connected. Engine just starts, even without glowing and it just takes seconds to charge it up to 28~30v again. Even cranks the engine with no problem at 16v! :O It is light and doesn't take up to much space. Just remember to disconnect the batteries before use or you could get yourself a hefty suprise.
I have not seen the antigravity battery packs before, looks like another purchase for me in the future

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