Anyone know about SL500s?

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Jun 2, 2004
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My wife I drove an 03 for a long weekend back a few years ago and since then she hasn't stopped talking about getting one.

So... we've decided to start saving for one. Preferably 03 and up.

Do they too suffer from poor MB reliability and craftsmanship?

My friends mom has one and he says it's never broken down. It's definatley a cool car. Not sure what year buts it's around a 03. Only thing I don't like is the nav screen, mighty small and resolution blows.

Not knowing alot about SL's. We have a 07 E550 and the abs, traction, srs, head restraints, nav, ecu, keys have had issues.

It almost killed me. I came over a crest and abs slammed on the brakes and cut the throttle a few seconds after. I was then in the bottom of 2 large hills and couldn't move. People behind me almost hit me swerving to avoid this "limping" Benz. Finally got it moving but had to floor it just for it to budge into a driveway.... has happened to every family member ( 4 if us)

thE airbag system keeps failing and the abs system shuts down almost monthly. Which results in a beeping, flashing, red display on the instrument cluster saying " 3 new messages" with a christmas tree of warning lights...

Not to mention the new motor mounts and cracking paint on th back bumper....

Our amg in the other hand has been flawless. Just eats back tires like a cop eats donuts(< might be the problem)....

We got a bad cookie, musta had a LR tech building it
I would do a lot of research on those years of MB products. I'm not sure about different models and what are the best, but they have had lots of trouble during that time frame.
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