Anyone know a good shop to regear my 80 in Bay Area????

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Feb 2, 2004
Hayward, Ca.
Any good shops that would do a regear on my 93 around in the bay area? Thinking of finally moving up to 35's for my cruiser.. While the differentials would be getting regeared, it would be a good idea to put all new seals gaskets and relube/grease up the birfs right???Or is that a normal procedure while taking the diffs apart to regear?
Call Gary Kardum at Mudrak Custom Cruisers in Sonoma. He is the man with Cruisers in Norcal.

No. is - - (707) 292-3509

Tell him I sent you, and he will charge you his regular price. The 80 is a FF RE and FE, so he may just pull the thirds and work on them, then replace them. Call him and ask for the whole deal. He knows cruisers.

No affilaition, except that MUDRAK is an AutoHome dealer.

Mike S
Thank you Mike. I might just do that. I really want to get 35's, so I am going to have to swap those gears...

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