anyone interested in my mombasa rtt?

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Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
there is a photo of it in the show your rigs thread mounted to my m101 trailer. it will mount on a truck roof on two cross bars. i use yakimas but just about anything would work.

it is in good shape with no tears and has always been stored indoors.

best feature is it has a bigger floorplan compared to other roof top tents and has a good thick mattress which makes it comfortable. it is great for a young family. we have slept 2 adults and 2 kids under 12 in it.

the disadvantage is that it is a fairly light nylon and has a borderline rain fly design. it survived a three day trip to alice lake near squamish in torrential rain, but i think day 4 would have been ugly. i would call it a two season tent. also, it is made in china and the quality is not terrible but is certainly not first class.

i am not really willing to ship. it is big and heavy and would need a lot of packing, and vulnerable to damage, but i might be willing to greyhound it on a short haul if they will take it.

my kids are getting too big for all of us to sleep in it so i will be upgrading to something smaller but more 4 season ready if i can find a buyer.
photo. you can see the limits of the rainfly.

i just did the math and cost me a little over $700 to get it up here. how does c$500 sound?

we are going camping in it tonight for the first time this year so i will verify condition. also, mrs semlin expressed skepticism over my replacement plan so i may not be able to pull the trigger. i will try to discuss it this weekend.
Intersted but don't have the cash right now. Like you, the Mrs would have to give approval. Was window shopping some of the ones on ebay in Austalia. I can see what you mean by the limits of the fly on this one. Is this the older model Mombasa with the press board floor?

yup, the tent works batter than you might expect from looking at it at keeping the rain out because most water drips right off the side walls instead of continuing to run underneath like on a ground tent, but that fly is just a goofy design.

it is the older model, but i think they all have the same floor. it is vinyl coated pressboard i think. never had an issue, and that would be not be one its design weaknesses. those weaknesses would be the "bat flaps" (search the camping/expedition section, but basically the centre sections near the hinges are difficult to seal against bugs) and the ladder, which is functional but klunky and fiddlesome.
this is off the market for now.

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