Anyone in Triangle ordered an FJC?

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I'm holding out to see what other stuff is gonna be available for this thing, also let someone else take the hit when they leave the lot.
My local dealer here has about a dozen coming in before the end of the month. Only 4-5 were pre-ordered so 7-8 will sell on the lot.

They have one coming optioned like I'd like but I agree with letting someone else take the depreciation hit and picking up a used 2nd or 3rd model year edition in a few years.

Did anyone make it to the Raleigh auto show to test drive one?
Like Greg said, you could only test drive the Trucks.

I got all excitied when I saw I didn't have to pay to get in the Toyota Tent, then my dreams where crushed when they told me the FJ was inside where I had to pay. I figured why pay 7 bucks to see something I can see for free in a few weeks. Plus the wifey on the loose at the Flee Market makes me nervous :D I'll end up with some 300 year old dresser and have to pawn my winch to pay for the "anitque" / junk
I have. Had to make a little trip to Danville, VA. About 1:30 away from Raleigh. VoodoBlue MT6. With UP2. The subwoofer is not actually a piece of junk like I expected it to be.
Getting her dirty again today... I'll post up some pictures in some tiny mudholes near my house.
sorry missed your post :(.. def will hit you up next time I get her dirty. Def need an extra car in case those duelers fail me Again :(:mad:

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