Anyone in the Boulder area?

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Apr 30, 2013
Looking to meet up with some people around the Boulder area to off road with and work on our rigs.

97 Lexus LX450
Go up above and click on "Clubhouses...."
Horsetooth 4 Wheelers

We are the Northern Colorado TLCA club chapter, we usually meet in Fort Collins the last Wednesday of each month. Our members have a bunch of perks including an at cost/close to at cost discount from our local toyota dealership for most parts. The next meeting is a "Whats in your rig" walk around meet where everyone can showcase their rig and learn what others are doing / carrying. Its kind of a prep to wheeling season overview.
I'm not too far from you, over in Erie. Always up for meeting cruiser heads and am happy to help if I can. I do have a ton of spare parts if you ever need to troubleshoot things.

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