Anyone in Southern Ontario with a parts FJ40 they part out?

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Nov 30, 2012

Looking for some little parts for my FJ40. Just seeing if anyone in southern ontario has a FJ40 they are parting out that I could buy some parts from.

Example of parts I'm looking for:

Warm pull switch and cable,
Heater Duct (I have the heater and I have the fan ... nothing in between).
Probably some coolant piping around the area too.
Foam dash top
Foam dash bottom
The three warning lights that are bottom left of the steering wheel
Small light under the dash to illuminate the fan area

Probably a few things more too.

Speedo with KMPH (I have 2 with MPH and am willing to trade!)

I also have a bunch of stuff to sell from mine. 2 locking differentials and the whole ARB system for example.

I have much of what you need. Send me a PM, I am in Toronto.

Thanks Adam,

I'll hit you up regarding this shortly ... little short on funds at the moment.

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