Anyone in Flagstaff want to play???

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Feb 22, 2016
Greeting Cruiser heads. Looking for any local MUD members in Flagstaff who might be hitting the trails over the next few days. My wife and I are in town at her parents for Thanksgiving. I know we all love our in-laws but would jump at any chance to get out of the house, especially for some wheeling. I'll be around until Friday afternoon. If anyone wants to get out an explore please let me know. I have no local knowledge of the area. Thanks!
Go out and see Grand Falls. They aren't "falling" but they are impressive.

Waputki National Monument is cool. Sunset Crater is pretty cool. There is lots of Route 66 "stuff" to see (Two Guns for instance). Lowell Observatory is cool to see (at night obviously). There is a rumor about a big hole in the ground "just to the west of you". Grand Hole in the Ground? Grand Sliver? Grand Canyon... yeah.. that's it... Grand Canyon.

I've like Flagstaff. Lots to see and do...



Graffiti at Two Guns (toward the old RV park). Plenty more besides this


Grand Falls (probably more impressive with water and it will likely be dry now). More vertical feet than Niagra Falls (they say)


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