Anyone here 5 spd an 80 Series

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Nov 22, 2008
Richmond B.C.
I tried the search function but could not find what I am looking for,I am sure some of you guys have swapped a 5 spd into the a 80.
Why I am asking is because I have a 89 fj62 5 spd , it is needing a new clutch and 87 was the last part listing for a clutch for a 3F but in Japan it carried through into 1990 they list a different part number which does not list in North America.
I know the 3FE carried on with the 80 series so I need to know what clutch you used on the swap, part number and where was it purchased from.
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Tapage (David) might have that info as he swapped a manual gearbox into one of his 80s and has a good handle on what parts are what.
I just put a clutch into mine and could tell you the toyota part numbers but that prolly wouldn't help much.

I used parts from an 87 fj60 when I did my conversion. I would bet your clutch is the same as the later 60 series clutch.

According to toyodiy yours is: 31250-36340

which pulls up as 31250-36343 on the toyota of dallas part site and is listed for a later model 60.

If it was me, I would call Beno to confirm the info, but it looks like any later 60 series clutch kit will work.
31210-36140 (08/1988 - 09/1989)
31210-36160 (10/1989 - 12/1989

This is the numbers I come up with for my JDM 62 I can't determine the exact production date since JDM don't stamp it on the VIN like in America. The thing I am not sure about is the change in the part number and if the clutch dimensions changed , I don't want to order all the way from Japan to find out it is the wrong clutch.
I guess I may have to take a chance and order a 60 North American clutch and if it's wrong I can either send it back or change the fly wheel to match.
according to the toyota of dallas parts site both of those numbers were superceded by:

31210-36330 which is the cover assembly - I would call it the pressure plate?

the parts I listed above are for the disc, they are in the same diagram as the numbers you posted.

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