anyone have these disk brakes?

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May 28, 2008
Badger, Minnesota
eBay Motors: Front Disc Brake Kit Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 (item 110303289684 end time Apr-21-09 09:26:01 PDT)
i know it says for 1970 and newer and i have a 64 but all my brake cylinders leak and instead of replacing them i am looking at different options for disk brakes up front instead. joetlc does not answer questions so i will ask the experts. think these would fit on a 64? do i need a booster on my master cylinder? i looked into the minitruck route but that looks to be a PITA. if i can ever sell my damn dirtbike i can start ordering a bunch of stuff for the cruiser but for now i get to research until the money comes in.
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What Lil'John said, plus the brass balls break easily, and there are zero left on earth.
wow thanks for the responses guys. i will deffinately be bypassing these brakes and figureing something else out. and my dirtbike is an 05 yz 125 i put less then 10 tanks of fuel through it as when i moved to town i don't really have a place to ride it anymore.

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