Anyone have some slidder pictures they would like to share?

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Oct 11, 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
Finnaly I've got a welder again, been thinking of building some slidders for a while, anyone have any pictures or ideas they would like to share?
I went with the overly simply approach.





I've added gussets since most of those pics...
I think his rockers have been cut?
yep, cut my rockers off. made it easier (didnt have to angle the sliders) and gave me more clearence. I also have a 1" body lift. Took about 20 mins per side with a cutoff wheel... dont be scared its easy!
I dont have my camera handy but here's some of what I got on hand....


this one before the outrigger was put on...


I can get some better pics in the next day or two.
Youre nuts, and I like that.:flipoff2:
Looks pretty steight forward- I must add that you've got the most beefy cruisers that I think I've ever seen.
Looks like Sherl Crow left something on his tire. LOL

Is the rock that you cut off just hollow? Is the floor still supported to the outer body.

Actually those are the tire tags... the tires have yet to make a full rotation under the trucks power.

Rockers are hollow and wont effect and floor board strength issues. Go for it... its only metal!
Actually those are the tire tags... the tires have yet to make a full rotation under the trucks power.

You're supposed to take them off, to reduce litter. ;)

Very nice 60 BTW, I don't think I've seen that one before.
I just installed mine this past weekend, I would recommend not welding. I welded my sliders on my Jeep and over time they have bent and were a pain in the ars to replace after 10 years of abuse.



For the cruiser I went with 2bads sliders that bolted on, so far happy they get the first test next weekend.

the problem I see with that is its not tied to the frame. One big hit on the sliders and you'll tweak two doors.

Ah I missed that part. now i see... How about a combination of the brokenparts and the manglers solution... Cutting out the entire rocker, with supports tied to the frame. I like the clean look of manglers solution. Not much metal sticking out past the main body.

Also I should mention my desire also is cutting out the rust, more so than having 'sliders'


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