anyone have experience building boats?

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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
So I am toying with the design for a project which I will likely do next year but am wondering if anyone here has experience with building smaller aluminum boats or at least with their design. I'm thinking of a smaller size flat bottom boat, no motor, fairly basic. I've gone through some online stuff and looked at what is out there and have a fair idea what it will look like but I wouldn't mind throwing the idea at someone who is more knowledgable in this field.


P.S. my PM still isn't working so just e-mail me fantomdesigns (at)
Try talking to Todd, me makes some very nice boats. I believe he has made a boat just as you described that he throws on the roof of his Land Cruiser, I'm sure I saw a picture somewhere. He might send you a couple of pics.
Aqualu Industries Inc.
I do not know your application, but the wind will blow a flat bottom bottom boat around in circles A bit of keel will keep it straight., but that is more complicated to build, but worth it. If I had the room I would have a Zodiac or equivalent, which would have been useful at Taseko.
I saw a really neat alu. boat upsidedown on the top of a dirtbike trailer at McNutt in Maple Ridge.

Basically just a flat bottom 10 ft boat on a 10 ft trailer. Looked really clean and home made!

(i wish I took a pic)
No, this is something else entirely. Once I build it it will make sense to you. Till then I'm keeping my plans a secret

Oh, a guessing game! I'll play...

Inflatable pontoons strapped to your sliders should float your boat. :beer:
seriously guys, leave the truck alone, it has nothing to do with floating my truck! Just let it go. This is a different project and yes Drew, the FJC bumpers will happen before this does, it is a future to do thing I am toying with designing now.
So who, other then Aqualu has experience/knowledge of flat bottom aluminum boats?
Hey Mat, I've built my own flat bottom boat, made it out of wood but the design and general idea would be the same for aluminum. I have plans I'll send you, but in the mean time take a look at Jon-boat wooden boat plans for some ideas. I bought the plans from these guys and modified it to my liking. Honestly, there is probably enough information just on that site to give you what you need. You're a smart guy, this should be pretty easy for you Mat :)

My boat is 12' long, 48" transum width, and 17" high to keep the kids safe :)

I'll email you the plans when I find them.

Here's a couple pictures for you.




And here's why I built it :D That's my 2.5 year old boy's first fish. Very proud!!!

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thats awesome! nice cruiser

Why not just go with a zodiac, you can roll it up and stuff it in a duffle bag when not needed. you can pick up a used 10' Hypalon (durable) for under $500.

You are going to spend alot of $$$ if using aluminum, what you are talking about sounds like a duck punt. have you heard of a boat building method called stitch and glue ?
There is a reason for the choice of materials, it would be a dual purpose build and it needs to be made from something a little more rigid and durable. Aluminum offers that and still does not weigh as much as steel as well as it is more durable then wood. So that's the reasoning for the choice in material.
The boat is going to be a row boat, so no motor, meant mostly for lakes, not rivers, 2 person capacity is perfect, low profile and flat bottom to suit the application and dual purpose. Light enough to be handled by one person and of course have a design that will work in the water as a boat.
The approximate dimensions are 6' long, 4.5' wide 1' deep. I have to still measure a couple things to get the exact necessary specs but that's around what I need.
The issue is that it needs to be fairly wide but not too long, that's where I think I will encounter some problems and would need to run the design by someone who has the experience and knowledge of building custom boats before I do anything else.
I spent 7 years in the marine industry, There a several excellent web sites for boat design. Somewhere I have a very good book that covers everything about boats incluuding hull designs. from my memory you will encounter alot of problems trying to row a flat bottom boat. I would suggest a modified hull.
So I got some detailed measurements, these are pretty much what I need to stick to for it to serve the second purpose I have planned for it.
4'2" wide, 6'6" to 7' long and 13"-14" deep.
As a boat, that will very stable but might be a bit tight for 2 persons, 8' would be nicer for two. I've seen many fly fishermen in boats much narrower than 4' (like 2'8"-3'), the wider it is, the more stable it will be when standing to cast (if you're a fly fisherman) and actually, rowing it won't be a bid deal at all. Rowing a flat bottom is very easy, it just needs to have a couple of small runners along the bottom. Before I got my electric motor, I just paddled mine with a canoe paddle. It was rather slow but it worked.

Let's give Mat some credit, he's proven time and time again that he ain't no dumby! Either that or you guys all just love to give him a hard time (which I wouldn't be privy to with my lack of relationship with ya'll)

Mat, plans will be emailed tomorrow when I have access to that computer!

PS, I have a funny feeling the secondary purpose has to do with your RRT.

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