Anyone have a manual clutch?

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Mar 13, 2007
Central Cal.
Just curious if anyone runs a strickly mechanical clutch on their fj40 (no master or slave).
The p.p.o. or p.p.p.o. of my 70 fj40 ran mechanical linkage to the clutch. It has a 350 s.b.c and the original 3 speed tranny. I thought maybe there was some sort of clearance issue. I searched the threads and couldn't find anything as far as anyone else running this kind of setup.
It seems to work fine, just kind of weird.
I'll try to take some pic's tonight when I get home (I'm at work right now, ya know...."working").
There may be one small disadvantage with the direct linkage of your clutch pedal. Articulation, although FJ40s have minimal flex between body and frame it may still be an issue. For what it might cost to swap it over to hydraulic it may be worth it in the long haul. Don't know what size preasure plate you have but that pedal action might get old fast also. Just my PO
I had a '79 CJ7 with a mechanical linkage to the clutch. It let go at a most inopportune time:frown:
There is a reason clutches are hydraulic.

why would want to take technology out of a vehicle?

(even the little that the fj40s have)
It does seem like a lot of fab work for something that's NOT an improvement. I was disapointed when I saw this little mod but bought the cruiser anyway.
Coolerman, here's some pics
Most definitely a hack job :frown:

Don't sweat it, it's an easy fix. Replace that with the OEM hydraulic setup. There is one on E-Bay right now. Still makes no sense why that was done? Otherwise congrats on your purchase! Prepare to be poor, lonely and considered a bit of a quack... :D

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