Anyone have a Diesel 60 in CT Area??

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Oct 19, 2007
Burnsville, NC
I would like to check out your diesel 60 as i am thinking of converting my fj60 to diesel. I have never driven a diesel 60 (Bj60, hj60, hJ61, Cummings ect) and would like to see how it performes compared to the 2F, to see if the diesel is the right conversion for me. I have driven a diesel 40 but you cant compare that. I do like the sound of the 3B. Let me know if you will be in the CT area so i can check out your rig!

You should post this in the Diesel section also. I'm a little too far away, but can assure you...IT"S WORTH IT!

Search for dirtgypsy, flcruiser, dohcdelsol93, astr to see their swaps and check my link below for Isuzu 4BD1&2 swaps. Great engines, easy parts and reasonable costs.

for whats its worth, i went from 3fe to 2h, as for sound, the 2h is a little louder at idle, and on the highway its the same sound level as the 3fe. at the drive-thru, you need to turn off your truck. compared to a cummins(6bt), the 2h is quiet
I'm doing approximately 18/19 mpg, Silver. Mostly driving from my village (3km sand roads and 15km asphalt with a lot of speed bumps to/in the city to get my kids to school). I don't know on the highway, because we don't have a highway in the entire country. The worse mpg I did, was with our whole family in it, fully packed with camping gear, a lot of tools, food, water, two jerricans diesel, big box and spare tire on the roof rack, with 35's with original diffs. And we were in a hurry, because we had to catch the ferry from Suriname to Guyana, which goes only once a day. That trip we did 14 mpg.
I really love the sound of my 2H, man. It is slow (wish I had a turbo), but why the hurry?
on 235's and 4.11gear i was getting 18/19mpg, a bit better on the highway(700-750km per tank)

yes 2h is so slow and yea it sounds really good at idle, pretty quiet beside a cummins diesel.

new parts are common enough to find, toyota has a warehouse inventory and there are others places too. i have a hard time finding used parts locally. and most people ask big $$
I have a HJ60 you can check out. I'm in western CT.

Send me a pm and we can work out the details.

I usually get between 20 to 22 mpg. Rust has taken it's toll on the body. Would like to replace the body someday.

It will cruise at highway speeds all day. The 60 saw a lot of service on my commutes to upstate NY to see my parents. However, you would loose to a school bus off the line.

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